Precision Hub Stands - Pro

Our Precision Hub Stands – Pro comes with the best of the best: Precision Hub Stands, Laser Alignment System, Pelican Exact Fit Case, Leveling Pads, Laser Leveling System, and a Digital Caster/Camber Gauge. Everything you need to accurately and precisely set your wheel alignment with repeatability and confidence in the shop or the paddock.

The Perfect Setup

Ball Transfer Technology creates the optimal wheel alignment environment. We eliminate virtually all suspension binding and inaccuracies associated with tire resistance

Precise Height Adjustability

Match the exact tire height with our engraved height system. Slide to match and tighten down. No guesswork and no uncertainty

1500 Lb Weight Capacity

25mm Built-In Offset

Precision Hub Stand - Engraving - 2

Anti-Roll Off Plates

Everything needs a solid platform to stand on and our Precision Hub Stands are no exception. Solid aluminum and hardened stainless steel ensure safety and reliability.

Custom Machined Lug Patterns

We ensure proper vehicle fitment with custom patterns or a wide range of vehicles with our Lock-A-Lug System

Open Suspension Access

With the wheel and tire out of the way suspension access is right in front of you. Gone are the days of hoping you can get a wrench in there.  

Laser Alignment System

Precise Toe Measurements

Our calibrated lasers measure over the wheelbase of the vehicle for highly accurate Toe measurements. 


Engineered with the racing environment in mind. Each machined component is made from billet 6061-T6 Aluminum. 

Custom Grid Plate

We design each interchangeable grid plate per vehicle for complete confidence in your measurements.

Caster Rotation

Measure exact 15 degree turn rotations to accurately set caster. With our angle settings your rotation will be precise down to the arc-minutes. 

High Visibility Lasers

Designed for visibility in all light conditions from the shop to the track.

Ease of Use

Bolt-on bolt-off simplicity, designed for rapid and precise alignment measurements. 

Leveling Pads

Precision Machined

Precision CNC machined from a solid billet of aircraft-grade aluminum, each pad boasts an unrivaled 1500 lb capacity.

Compact Design

Engineered with a high weight capacity but ergonomically design to fit on standard scales and be easily transported. 

Fully Adjustable

Significant vertical adjustability to accommodates non-level surfaces from a garage to the paddock. 

Conveniently Packaged

Engineered using advanced Finite Element Analysis tools, maximizing strength and rigidity while minimizing weight.

Laser Leveling System

Ease of Use

Engineered for quick positioning and reliability. Simple thread-in operation keeps life simple. 

Reliable Components

Designed with high-precision industrial class tools. Ready for the rigors of the track environment

Robust Design

Machined from billet 6061-T6 for high-strength and rigidity. 

Ride Height

Easily set Ride Height as this system conveniently positions the laser line 28mm above the ground plane, pairing perfectly with the Leveling Pads and Ride Height Gauge

Ride Height Gauge

Rapid Acquisition

Featuring laser-etched, high-precision markings and a gas spring mechanism for live readings, its rigid, lightweight design ensures effortless ride height measurements.

Integrated Design

Engineered to integrate perfectly with our Laser Leveling System and Leveling Pads. Built to last with the toughest coatings available

Caster/Camber Gauge

Universal Compatibility

The included magnetic adapter mounts directly to the wheel hub for rapid camber acquisition or can bolt directly to our Precision Hub Stands for plenty of clearance. 

Arc Minute Accuracy

With a digital readout down to 0.1º you can rest assured that your Caster and Camber settings will be accurate and precise. 


Pelican 1630 Custom Case (Optional)

Machined To Fit

Each case is tailored to the exact accessories of each Precision Hub Stands – Pro purchase. Your components will fit perfectly into the custom foam.

Easy Transportation

Travelling from garage to garage or across the world, the integrated handles and stainless steel bearing wheels make transportation easy. 

Virtually Indestructible

Pelican is known for their industrial strength cases and this one is no different. From the latches to the rollers, it’s built to last.


We understand the weather doesn’t always cooperate and spills happen. That’s why we chose a waterproof case to ensure your alignment tools and electronics are safe from the elements.

What’s Included


Precision Hub Stands

Leveling Pads

Laser Alignment System

Laser Leveling System

Ride Height Gauge

Digital Caster/Camber Gauge

Pelican Custom Case (Optional)

Each Pelican case is custom made per order, please allow 4 weeks for production if selected

Please specific exact vehicle model in order notes for Grid Plates.

Starting at $9999.99

Optional Case Add: $1499.99

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