The Indestructible Case

Our Exact Fit Pelican Case is precision cut to perfectly conform to your set of Precision Hub Stands. The case is virtually indestructible: Waterproof, Dustproof, and Crushproof. Throw the case in your track trailer and don’t think twice about it.


Pelican has a reputation for engineering and molding the highest quality cases on the planet and ours is no exception


   Ever been caught in the rain at the track? No Worries!


Do you store tools during the off season? Don’t worry about!


Do you stack tools and boxes in your trailer? You won’t hurt it!


Easy transportation with roller wheels and a rigid handle

Custom Cut

CNC Waterjet foam to perfectly conform to your Precision Hub Stands

Made in USA

The standard at CSM Performance LLC: Designed Here, Molded Here, Cut Here