What Are Precision Hub Stands?

Precision Hub Stands are a wheel alignment tool designed to create the optimal alignment environment for accurate, precise, and repeatable measurements. You’ll have effortless suspension access with the tire out of the way so wheel alignments are no longer a hassle. Using Ball Transfer technology virutally all suspension binding is eliminated.

How Do Precision Hub Stands Compensate For Camber?

The Precision Hub Stands pivot and roll on two high capacity Ball Transfers riding on a hardened stainless steel base plate, just like ball bearing.

Are Precision Hub Stands Height Adjustable?

Yes! Simply set the height you want on the height engraved slider and tightened down the clamping nuts.

Can you design Precision Hub Stands for my application?

Absolutely, we engineer and machine components in house for a rapid lead time. Head over to our Contact Us page and we’ll set you up with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

What is the "Lock-A-Lug' System?

The Lock-A-Lug system utilize slots and hihg-strength aluminum Lug Washers to accommodate Lug Patterns from 100mm to 130mm


How Do We Measure Toe?

Toe can be measured in two main fashions. You can utilize Strings or our Laser Alignment System. The Laser Alignment System measures Toe with precision aligned laser modules and grid plates to an accuracy of 2 arc minutes. It also allows you to make measurements in real-time, watching the toe value change as you make the adjustment.

How Do We Measure Camber?

Camber is measured directly with a Longacre Caster/Camber Gauge. The Gauge can be mounted magnetically to the hub of the vehicle or mounted on the Hub Mount Plate with an included Thumb Screw

How Do We Measure Caster?

Caster is measured by the change in Camber over a defined wheel turning angle. We utilize Longacre Caster/Camber gauges which have a built in function for this. The Laser Alignment System has a prism attachment to measure that wheel turning angle, which is 15 degrees in each direction.

How Do We Measure Steer-Ahead?

The Laser Alignment System ensures equal Toe on both sides with the precision aligned lasers, ensuring Steer Ahead

How Do We Measure Thrust Angle?

Just like Steer-Ahead, the Laser Alignment System ensures equal Toe on both sides with the precision aligned lasers, ensuring the Thrust Angle

How Do We Measure Ride Height?

Ride Height can be measured with our Laser Leveling System and Leveling Pads. The Laser Line is cast exactly 3/4″ above the “Ground Plane”. All you need to do I measure down from your Ride Height Reference Point to the Laser Line and add 3/4″

Do I Need To Remove Any Components to Use The Stands?

Just the wheel! Some vehicles utilize Limited Slip Differentials which can be “slipped” (as designed) when installing the Precision Hub Stands

Should I Use Strings or the Laser Alignment System?

We recommend our Laser Alignment System to all customers. It’s faster, more accurate, and easier to use than Strings. 

Do I Need Leveling Pads?

The Precision Hub Stands use extremely low-friction Ball Transfers. In a non-level surface the vehicle will drift one way or another. The Level Surface can be create with our Leveling Pads, Scales with Levelers, or a well leveled floor.